Methods of Delivery

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Are you wondering if BC Diets delivers to your area? We deliver to over 200 locations all over the country, so it is really likely! Use the search engine below. Enter the name of your city/town and find out if you can start a healthy lifestyle tomorrow!

When do we deliver your diet?

Our drivers deliver sets from Monday to Saturday. In the case of weekend orders, we provide catering for two days, Saturday and Sunday.

The sets of meals are being delivered in the early morning hours, from 2:00am to 10:00am, depending on the selected area. The hours chosen in the form are preferred and may slightly differ from the reality. However, we will do our best to deliver your set in the selected time period. Our logistics department will contact you if there are any changes to your delivery so we can sort out a solution together.

How do we care for delivery security?

Daily delivery of our sets to thousands of customers all over England is a real challenge. Check how we make sure that the diet reaches you not only in a safe, but also an effective manner.

Contactless refrigerated vans delivery - Every day we deliver with the same refrigeration sequence. While using our deliveries, you can be sure that your diet is kept refrigerated from the time of production to the moment of contactless delivery at your door. All the cars we use to make deliveries fulfil current food safety requirements.

Delivery details - To simplify the delivery process of your set by our driver, please submit as much information as possible while placing an order. You may enter it in the section “comments for the delivery driver”. All additional information, such as intercom code, floor number, indication of where to leave the package, will certainly make our drivers’ work easier. If you leave the field blank, you can expect contact from our logistics specialist.

Delivery monitoring - Each delivery is monitored via a driver application, thanks to which you can be sure that your box will be delivered in accordance with the remarks indicated in the order. Our sets are transported by dedicated drivers, serving us exclusively.

Check where we are!

Our catering is available in London, Birmingham, Luton, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge and many more cities and towns. The cities mentioned above are just a part of over 200 locations all over the country. Enter the name of your city below and check if we are at your place too! Can't find your town? Contact us, the BC Diets team will do their best to provide you with a delivery.



Delivery is available only in the area shown in the "Delivery" tab on our website and on the Order Form. Once you provide us with an exact delivery address we will confirm your order once it has been processed.